Today, GF-ACCORD | Big-Data and Artificial Intelligence powered Global Business Consulting is an independent business consulting and A.I. brand with important digital presence worldwide. Until 2019 (pre-covid19) it was commercialised by the Geneva based Mincomes, SA. The latter was established in 1976 in Lausanne, Switzerland, later moving to Geneva in 1985. GF-ACCORD was created and started R&D in 2010 with the purpose of bringing a revolution to GLOBAL BUSINESS CONSULTING, partially replacing human consultants, thanks to our Semantics BIG-DATA and AI original technologies. The speed of production of our work and its cost-effectiveness is unparalleled.

The technical part of the GF-ACCORD solution uses semantics and Artificial Intelligence technologies and operates on information from the Internet, and custom databases, providing inputs for the four boxes of a SWOT analysis at the press of a button and A.I. Chatbots responses.

The outputs produced by this solution are deeply analysed and enriched by our multidisciplinary team of international experts who are active in the fields of business, finance, science and engineering. The beautiful techno-methodology and the distinguished international team of experts, compose the core competitiveness of GF-ACCORD which allows production of business analysis at a top quality level.

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