Dr. L. Barbopoulos
Lecturer in Economics, St Andrews University| D.Phil (Ph.D) in Financial Economics, University of Durham

"... businesses often don't own themselves the necessary technology or skills to accurately resolve valuation complexities, intense disagreements between themselves and others, or to even optimally set their internal operations, and they regularly rent such technology or skills from financial advisory firms. To this end, the expects of GF-ACCORD offer extremely fast, efficient, and high quality business solutions when it comes to analyzing complex issues within businesses, industry specific, and market based problems, while drafting and executing such solutions in only 3 days. This is highly important in a very competitive and demanding business environment at which any successful corporation is seeking a higher market share." (before covid-19)

Dr. T. Diasakos
Lecturer in Economics and Finance at the University of St Andrews | Ph.D. in Economics UC Berkeley

"...In fact, in a world in which the rate of the accumulation of raw information already requires that the typical business or financial analyst/consultant works for several weeks to produce the kind of report GF-ACCORD does in days, the latter's products are an obvious must for anyone in need of quick access to reliably-compiled information that is optimally-tailored in an easily-read report." (before covid-19)

Mr. J.-F. Béguin
Managing Director, AP Strategic, a division of Anglophone SA, Geneva, Switzerland

"After careful consideration, we have come to the conclusion that GF-ACCORD provides for important efficiencies. We observe that SWOT analysis with this software are generated at least five times more rapidly than through our normal processes and, equally importantly, that the substantial output of information that the system creates insures a richer qualitative analysis, even in complex situations. As a consequence of the above, AP Strategic has adopted GF-ACCORD for its SWOT analysis needs." (before covid-19)

Mr. E. Rodriguez
Director, Senior Financial Analyst, Union Bancaire Privée, UBP SA, Geneva, Switzerland

"...We can easily imagine the diverse applications of GF-ACCORD and the numerous gains ... The Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis for a product or company is an immediate application". (before covid-19)

Mr. P. Pournaras
Head of Internal Audit of UBP SA, Geneva, Switzerland

“...The GF-ACCORD analysis can be a very useful tool to business/financial analysts, investors, consultants, and the strategic/research departments of companies, financial institutions, and in the funds industry...” (before covid-19)

Mr. R. Hernandez
Director of Cogefimno SA, Lausanne, Switzerland

"...we used the GF-ACCORD software in our firm, for the analysis of investment opportunities and we gained precious time..." (before covid-19)

Dr. F. Aquilante
Assistant Professor in Theoretical Chemistry, University of Uppsala | Ph.D. in Quantum Chemistry University of Lund

"I have seen demonstrations and I welcome the GF-ACCORD quasi-automatic business analysis solutions." (before covid-19)

Mr. S. Pappas
Global Finance Manager, Lacoste & Rochas Fragrances at Procter & Gamble Prestige Products

"...A business tool like the GF-ACCORD software sounds very beneficial. The quasi automatic analysis that it promises will free up resources and speed up the analysis process..." (before covid-19)

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