The following are companies that are bringing value to the market (website links are provided when suitable):

Logo The Screener

Empowering Investors

Logo Tarsem

TRADING COMPANY SINCE 1998 (Geneva, Switzerland)

Logo TGS Commercial group SA

TGS Commercial Group S.A. is a truly international company, based in Geneva, Switzerland, the epicenter of business and political world in Europe. The company has been established to serve world business community, with an aim of being a company that has international outlook, adopting international approach in conducting marketing, while focusing on utilizing local knowledge available in the domestic market in each country.

Logo Nedrelid

An independent strategic planning advisory boutique

Logo Visyond

The Combined Power of Spreadsheets, BI and Presentation, a cloud-based software platform that transforms the way people work with spreadsheets - enabling secure, selective and interactive data sharing, automating financials, and performing analyses in minutes with a few simple clicks.


TWEX-TAG WORLD EXCHANGE is a revolutionary private investments platform – exchange. TWEX Tokens are non-inflationary and based on real world economies

Logo Verimates

Send verified mail messages in simple steps

GF-ACCORD Artificial Intelligence era Global Business Consulting, chatbots | CHATBOT SECOND APPEARANCE