Dr. G. Fradelos, Founder GF-ACCORD, GF-ACCORD Big-Data &A.I. powered Global Business Consulting
MSc(Cambridge), PhD(Geneva), Prince2, PSM
Founder of GF-ACCORD BIG-DATA & A.I. Powered Business Consulting

Mr Jean-Marc Antoine
Administrator of Mincomes SA

Expert in accounting/finance/taxes
30 years of experience in Switzerland

IT & Science
Dr. N. Benekos

Offers consultancy in IT
(Senior Scientist in Experimental High Energy physics, CERN & Univ of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Researcher at CERN)

Mr. U. Pokharel

M.Sc. in ICT and BE in Electronics and Communication from Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Pursuing Master's degree in Computer Science in University of Geneva

Business Development & Marketing
Dr. T. Diasakos
Principal advisor for Business Development and Analysis Methodology

Lecturer University of St Andrews, School of Economics and Finance. Theo joined the School in October 2012. He was educated at the University of Cambridge (B.A. in Economics and M.Phil. in Economic Theory and Econometrics), at the John F. Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University (MPA/ID), and at the University of California at Berkeley (M.A. in Mathematics, M.Sc.B.A. in Finance, and Ph.D. in Economics). His previous academic appointment was as assistant professor at the Collegio Carlo Alberto in Turin, Italy

Prof. D. Kiritsis
Advisor for Sustainable Manufacturing

Prof. Dr. Dimitris Kiritsis is Faculty Member at the School of Engineering of EPFL, where he is leading a research group on ICT for Sustainable Manufacturing. Prof. Kiritsis is actively involved in EU research programs in the domain of the Factories of the Future. He is member of various international scientific and professional communities including EFFRA, Chair of IFIP WG5.7 – APMS and member of the Advisory Group LEIT-NMBP of the European Commission.

Dr. G. Hedou
Advisor for the Pharma sector and negotiations with investors

Experienced Head of laboratory (Merck Serono and GlaxoSmithKline)

Mr. G. L’Huillier
Associate (Business Development and Finance)

Before joining GF-ACCORD in 2013, Geoffroy worked 7 years as Deputy Director for a Multi-family office based in Geneva. He was in charge of financial analysis and portfolio management for families and a broad range of institutional clients

Mr. B. Lang

(President Indochina Yaghts, Partner First Indochina Group, Advisor EFG bank, Advisor Forvest Trust Geneva)

Mr Nicolay Nedrelid

Mr. Nedrelid is a seasoned strategy and finance professional with more than 10 years of international experience from the travel industry and financial services. He started his career as a financial analyst covering listed equities and emerging market private equity investment opportunities. Subsequently he joined the internal strategic planning department at a multinational before setting up his own advisory boutique focused on strategic planning. He holds a BA in Business Studies, a Master in International Business and an M.Sc. in Financial Markets and Intermediaries.

Mr Anthony Britton
Past Intern

ICMA Centre, MSc. Finance; International Securities, Investment & Banking, Merit.
Before: Business Analyst - Zone EuropeNestle Nespresso S.A.

External Cyberdefence Consultant
John Monogioudis
CyberDefence Head Officer at Hellenic Army | Major

Field of expertise:
1. Web application penetration testing
2. Network and Software security consultant
3. New Technolohies (MSc Ethnikon kai Kapodistriakon Panepistimion Athens)


Bernina Naissant
PhD INSERM U1016 - Institut Cochin, Molecular Biologist and Holder of MSc in Business (ESCP EUROPE).

Her scientific research expertise covers various therapeutic areas including Infectious diseases (malaria, toxoplasmosis) Hematology and Immunology. As a project manager in the pharmaceutical industry, she created both informational and promotional programs for physicians with the marketing.

Chrysanthi Dolka
PhD Ioannina, Organic Chemist.

Has more than 3.5 years experience in the R&D department of a major international company and worked in the Regulatory and Scientific Affairs group as a Scientist. Holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from University of Ioannina (Greece) and Katholieke Universiteit of Leuven and has been a post doc in the University of Geneva for almost 2 years.

Daniel Cefai

PhD/MBA with large international research experience in immunology and biochemistry, completed by expertise in business development, contracting, patenting and start-up coaching in Life Sciences.
Immunologist ; filed numerous patent applications, analysed the commercial potential of numerous inventions – including market search and freedom to operate.

Ass. Prof. F. Aquilante

Offers consultancy in several mathematical topics and IT
(Assistant Prof. at the University of Uppsala and Lecturer at the University of Geneva)

Flavio Mor
PhD EPFL, Post-doc EPFL, ETHZ.

His field of expertise is mainly in science including the domains such as Physics, Brownian motion, nanotechnology, biotechnology and nanometerials for applications related to microscopy in life science.

Ioana Simionca
PhD (Romanian Academy), Organic Chemist.

Expertise: Hands on experience with organic chemistry, polymer synthesis, polymer characterization (physical and chemical), polymer brushes, electrochemistry (CV, DPASV, etc.) and the construction of electrochemical sensors; writing of projects, scientific papers and reports.

Jan Lopatar
PhD Warwick, works at CHUV, Neuroscientist.

Neuroscience with focus on neurotransmission, gliotransmission, purinergic signalling, epilepsy and schizophrenia. Biosensors. Biochemistry.

Jérôme Magnin
PhD Geneva, Physicist of complexity (theoretical and computational) and Bioinformatician.

Jonathan Kaminski
PhD Toulouse.

His field of expertise is applied microeconomics and econometric analysis. He has specific expertise in agricultural and environmental markets and policies, as well as development economies with regional expertise, fieldwork and operational experience in Sub-Saharan African countries.

Josip Mikulic
PhD Lausanne university hospital.

Background and expertise: Molecular Biologist with excellent interdisciplinary knowledge involving: microbiology, immunology and protein chemistry.

Michael Boitard
PhD Unige, Neuroscientist.

His field of expertise covers the Neuroscience biology at the cellular and molecular level with a specific focus on single cell genetic manipulation, in vivo live confocal microscopy, and biochemistry.

Olivier Zava
PhD UNINE, worked at EPFL, Cell Biologist.

He is primarily expert in cell biology, from bacteria to human and plant cells and therefore can precisely assess cell culture and modification technologies (such as CRISPR for example).

Patrick Burch
PhD Basel, Post-doc Berkeley.

Patrick Burch, PhD is an organic chemist trained in the US and Switzerland with a specialization in surface coatings for biomedical applications.

Rob Hooft van Huijsduijnen
PhD Leiden, GSK, Merck Serono, Pharma/Biotech Scientist.

His main field of expertise comes from 23 years of Pharma/Biotech drug discovery. This covers all aspects of the industry: from basic research in molecular biology/genetics and general Lab technologies to high-throughput screening approaches, medicinal chemistry, in vivo (animal) models and clinical trials. In addition he was involved in market analysis/pharmaco-economics, in/outlicensing, portfolio management/analysis and this for a large variety of diseases. He has a particular interest in personal genomics.

Sarah Berndt
PhD Liege, Biomedical and Pharma Scientist.

PhD in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (Liege University, Belgium 2009). Expertise in cell biology in angiogenesis-related conditions (physiological and pathological).

Smaragda Lamprianou

Field of expertise:
1. Transgenic models of neurodegenerative diseases
Experience: 5 years (Master’s and PhD)
2. Myelinating cells development and proliferation research
Experience: 5 years (Master’s and PhD)
3. Cancer of the central nervous system’s myelinating cells
Experience: 5 years (Master’s and PhD)
4. Neurodegenerative diseases
Experience: 5 years (Master’s and PhD)
5. Diabetes field
Experience: 6 years (Post-Doc, several publications)
6. Techniques of non invasive imaging
Experience: 6 years (Post-Doc, several publications)
7. Development of specific probes for imaging, including proteins (e.g. exendin), chemical molecules (e.g. glibenclamide), chemical elements (e.g. Mn 2+ )
Experience: 6 years (Post-Doc, several publications).

Athanasios Fourtounas
Trainer for Risk Management for Human Asset Group | Hellenic Army Lieutenant Colonel

1. Part-time Lecturer of Project Risk Management The University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College
2. Trainer for "Risk Management for Business Professionals, University of Macedonia
3. Auditor at Hellenic Army General Staff

Ilias Katsagounos
PhD(c), PMP, RMP, MCTS Training & consulting services in project management and forecasting | Hellenic Army Major

1. B.A. in Military, Diplomatic and Law studies, from the Hellenic Military Academy (SSE)
2. Masters’ Degree in techno-economic systems with a specialisation in production management
3. PhD researcher in the scientific field of "Judgmental forecasting", and in particular the combination of "Superforecasting" (as described by P. Tetlock) with the concept of structured and semi-structured analogies (as described by J.S. Armstrong​ & K. Nikolopoulos​) for the creation of a decision making tool, suitable for small to medium size companies.

Thomas Panagiotou
Head of Business Development at ZeusRFID

1. MBA (Sheffield University )
2. Project Mangement Institute (PMI) Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)
3. Chartered Management Institute Level 7 Diploma Strategic Management and Leadership

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