The importance of informed decision-making in our business world is indisputable. Speed is of the essence. We avoid delays thanks to our own cutting-edge solution, our exceptional BIG-DATA and Artificial Intelligence software. This tool assists our team of experts produce GLOBAL BUSINESS CONSULTING as fast as in three days.

The technical part of the GF-ACCORD solution (there is also the pure business analysis production component) uses semantics technologies and operates on information from the Internet, and custom databases, thus providing inputs for the four boxes of a SWOT analysis at the press of a button. The application used is based on Unix principles - the nucleus of everything that actually works in information technology. The application code is parallel and relies on techniques of BIG-DATA, Semantics, pseudo-AI, high-performance computing concepts (HPC), data mining, machine learning.

Thanks to this tool, we manage to automatically collect, filter and process data. Our team is trained in efficiently employing analytical business and scientific methods compatible with the data, in order to produce comprehensive and transparent consultancy in a fast and reliable way. The focus of our work is perfectly weighted between business and science with profitability as the main target.


At GF-ACCORD we have a considerable number of fully adapted processes that facilitate the production of our several consultancy products. You can find below the work flow of GF-ACCORD on the QBA of listed companies, including stock price evolution prediction.

gf-accord process diagram, BIG-DATA powered business consulting

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