Accredited investors
Discuss with us investments (rapid Exit, non-locked stock) in an established AI on business-text digital brand. Contact us: https://www.gf-accord.biz/Contact.html

Salesmen (corporate)
Proven track record and understanding, from the user point of view, of the context of GLOBAL BUSINESS CONSULTING and principles of BIG-DATA, Semantics, pseudo-AI, are required for this role. Preferably well connected seniors based in major financial centers.

New partners
The partner can bring value to the IT, sales, business development, finance or fundraising. For the IT part we consider juniors from top level international Universities after examination of past academic performance. Sales candidates must be able to demonstrate a stelar past record. For business development, finance or fundraising we are looking for MBA/CFA holders with significant career success.

Available projects for interns:

If you share the GF-ACCORD vision and you are a talented, high performance individual, get in touch. Let's see deeper, faster, more together

Updated: July 2021

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